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Manufacture of Automation Switchboards

Production of automation panels for the control of several types of rotating machines of different sizes.


Manufacturing of acquisition and monitoring systems commonly referred to as SCADA, as well as of F&G (Fire & Gas) systems, or of ESD (Emergency Shut Down) safety systems with SIL2-3 safely level.

MCC (Motor Control Center)

Manufacturing of MCC electrical panels with fixed or extractible drawers.

Condition Monitoring

Installation and configuration of complete vibration and temperature monitoring systems. In our designs, we try to find the best quality solution. We generally supply systems to be integrated into an existing control system, and we propose solutions suitable for the PLC and SCADA already selected either in the new or in the exsting control panel.

We supply the necessary hardware (probes, proximitors, monitors), but also the mechanical and instrument installation service, and the suitable software to carry out vibration analyses and predictive maintenance.

Staff training

Our training courses are obviously adaptable to the different user profiles. We generally offer two types of courses:

  • Maintenance: Addressed to staff carrying out maintenance activities.
  • Operators: Addressed to staff dealing with the plant operation.

They are held by very knowledgeable instructors – usually qualified design engineers – and can be offered either at our facilities or on the customer’s premises.


Obsolete and out-of-production control systems can cause severe losses of production when one of their components ends its natural life cycle.

However, it is not always necessary to replace them completely. In some cases, it is sufficient to replace only some components, those that we consider as the most important in order to achieve the same objective while optimizing costs.

The task of NEXT TRE is to conceive the right solution according to the real needs of the customer, reaching the right compromise between innovation and cost budget.

Tutta la produzione può essere rilasciata con il marchio CE oppure personalizzata rispettando le normative vigenti del luogo di destinazione del prodotto, sempre seguendo i processi di qualità certificati ISO 9001: 2015