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Field Service

Our on-site assistance services are a natural complement to our supplies, since we want to make sure that our products are effective and fully satisfactory to the customer.  We are well aware that a good design can be unsatisfactory if it is not appropriately coordinated during the final installation phase.

We will put our experience and professionalism to work for you, to perform specialized activities, such as:

Installation and Calibration of Instruments

We basically refer to the instrumentation installed on the machine, and we use certified sample instruments, and a staff with many years of international experience.

Commissioning & Start Up

In addition to the validation of the control system supplied, it is often necessary to carry out preparatory activities, too, such as the positioning and power-up of electrical panels, loop checks with field instruments, and integration tests among different system types.

The machines that we most often work on are generally rotating machines, but not only. Some examples are reported below:

  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • BMS
  • Boiler thermal cycles


Logic and systematic search for the causes of any problem relating to a product or process manufactured either by us or by third parties, i.e. problems concerning the main components of control systems, but also the machine regulation and process. The main objective is to demonstrate our skills and dynamism in order to build and maintain customer loyalty, and to assure the customer a continuous production. We work on several types of sub-systems:

  • Vibration monitors
  • Turbine controllers
  • Electrical protection devices
  • Synchronising relays
  • Failures of measuring instruments
  • Failures of HMI / SCADA systems
  • Logical process changes in case of new production needs

We acquired our first customers thanks to this method, and we will continue like this.