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The service is basically targeted to the systems we manufacture. Under certain conditions it is also possible to add the following devices or systems:

  • Field instruments
  • Electrical protection devices
  • AVR
  • DCS

Our goal is to be a constant reference point for the customer, even after the sale of the product, and we try to achieve this through the following services:


NEXT TRE offers maintenance services, mainly for our supplies and/or upgrades.

They include the continuous support of a specialized department, making the services offered better targeted, more efficient and safer in terms of operation. Maintenance activities are divided into:

  • ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: It is the periodical maintenance of control systems or of the instrumentation connected to them through annual service agreements. This company division is able to provide preventive maintenance services with planned activities. It guarantees a telephone assistance up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and rapid interventions according to geographical areas.
    The advantages: Definite maintenance costs and ever-efficient plants. Professionalism and expertise you can rely on for the management of machines.
  • SUPPLEMENTARY MAINTENANCE: It is the offered maintenance service aimed at restoring the functioning of equipment and systems when they cannot assure the normal operation of the plant. NEXT TRE offers a specialized team able to act in an appropriate and timely manner.

Remote assistance

This activity is the feather in the cap of the company as regards the after-sales services offered. It includes:

  • Diagnostics
  • Operational assistance
  • Problem solving

This remote service is offered as option to the customers who enter into annual assistance agreements. In case of need, we use a VPN line to have direct access to control systems, speeding up the identification and solution of problems.

The access to systems will only take place upon the customer’s request.

Supply of spare parts

We provide assistance in identifying obsolete spare parts, supplying either the relevant updated codes, or a suitable technical solution if any spare part is no longer available.